Thomas Halzack

Thomas Halzack

A small business owner, award winning salesperson, father and grandfather, Tom now enjoys helping people achieve their financial goals and protect their businesses and families.

Wherever you are on the road in life, Tom can help you save more, reduce your taxes, create and preserve an estate and help to protect your business and family from financial catastrophe.

Save More

The average American retirement savings in $60,000. Hardly enough to allow you to retire without drastically changing how you live.

The average business person is often too busy running their business to discover that by doing things a little different they could be saving more for themselves.

Reduce Taxes

How you manage your money and where you put it and how you save and grow it can impact your tax footprint – sometimes substantially.

Create/preserve your estate

No financial vehicle creates or preserves an estate like life insurance. It is uniquely valuable in its ability to do so. And there are some versatile and very effective ways to do so.

Protect your business

Protect your family

Business Strategies for:


Employee Retention

Generation Succession

Exit Strategies


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